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classroom: anywhere you are office: somewhere in NYC
test day: Tuesday phone: (718) 724–8500 ext. 2141
hours: 8:00–2:50 email:

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Course Calendar

General Info

Spring Semester

Unit 0

hw 0 Class policies

Unit 1

hw 1 Introduction to electrostatics
hw 2 Electrostatic force
hw 3 Electric field
hw 4 Conductors and insulators
hw 5 Electric potential
quiz 1 Electric force and field (practice, key)
quiz 2 Electric field and potential (practice, key)
project 1 Hooke's law
test 1 Electrostatics (practice, key)

Unit 2

Electric Current and Circuits
hw 6 Electric current
hw 7 Electric resistance
hw 8 Electric power
hw 9 Resistors in circuits
quiz 3 Electric current (practicekey; extra practiceextra key)
quiz 4 Electric circuits (practice, key)
test 2 Electric current and circuits (practice, key)

Unit 3

Mechanical Waves and Sound
hw 10 The nature of waves
hw 11 Superposition, interference
hw 12 The nature of sound
hw 13 Doppler effect
hw 14 Standing waves and resonance
quiz 5 General waves (practice, key)
quiz 6 Standing waves (no practice available)
project 2 Speed of sound
test 3 Waves and sound

Unit 4

hw 15 The nature of light, polarization
hw 16 Diffraction, interference
hw 17 Reflection
hw 18 Refraction
quiz 7 Physical optics
quiz 8 Geometric optics
project 3.1 Ray diagram: ice crystal
project 3.2 Ray diagram: raindrop 1
project 3.3 Ray diagram: raindrop 2
test 4 Waves and light

Unit 5

hw 19 Magnetism
hw 20 Electromagnetism
hw 21 Electromagnetic waves
quiz 9 Electromagnetism
Modern Physics
hw 22 Particle nature of light
hw 23 Wave nature of matter
hw 24 Atomic spectra
hw 25 Mass-energy
hw 26 Standard model
quiz 10 Atomic spectra
quiz 11 Particle physics
test 5 Magnetism and modern physics

Unit 6

Mechanics Review
hw 27 Projectiles
quiz 12 Projectiles
quiz v Kinematics
quiz w Dynamics and statics
quiz x Circular motion, gravity, momentum
quiz y Work, energy, inclined plane
project 4 Shoot for your grade
test 6 Mechanics and other stuff
  12:45–4:15 PM EDT, Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Regents High School Examination: Physical Setting: Physics