class code: SPS21 teacher: Mr. Elert
classroom: A119 office: A214
test day: Tuesday phone: (718) 724–8500 ext. 2141

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Course Calendar

General Info

Fall Semester

Unit 0

hw 0 Class policies
hw 1 Units
hw 2 Line of best fit
hw 3 Curve fitting
quiz 0 Unit prefixes (at home, for credit)
test 0 Diagnostic (in class, not for credit)

Unit 1

Kinematics in 1D
hw 4 Speed and velocity
hw 5 Acceleration
hw 6 Equations of motion
hw 7 Free fall
hw 8 Graphs of motion
quiz 1 Equations of motion (practice, key)
quiz 2 Free fall (practice, key)
quiz 3 Graphs of motion (practice, key; extra practice, extra key)
project 1 Toy cars
test 1 Kinematics in 1D (practice, key)

Unit 2

Mechanics in 2D
hw 9 Trigonometry
hw 10 Vector addition
hw 11 Kinematics in 2D
hw 12 Forces
hw 13 Vector components
quiz 4 Trigonometry (practice, key; extra practice, extra key)
quiz 5 Kinematics in 2D (practice, key)
quiz 6 Protractor use (canceled)
quiz 7 Graphical addition of vectors (practice not online, rubrics; extra practice, extra key)
test 2 Mechanics in 2D (practice, key; extra practice, extra key)

Unit 3

Dynamics and Statics
hw 14 Newton's laws
hw 15 Force and mass
hw 16 Mass and weight
hw 17 Dynamics
hw 18 Friction
quiz 8 Newton's laws (instructions, see hw 14 for answers)
quiz 9 Dynamics (practice, key)
quiz 10 Friction (practice, key)
project 2 Newton's 2nd law
test 3 Dynamics and statics (practice, key)

Unit 4

Miscellaneous Mechanics
hw 19 Statics in 2D
hw 20 Inclined plane
hw 21 Centripetal force
hw 22 Gravitation
quiz 11 Statics in 2D (canceled)
quiz 12 Inclined plane (practice, key)
quiz 13 Circular motion (practice, key; extra practice, extra key)
quiz 14 Gravitation (no practice version available)
project 3 Coefficient of friction
test 4 Miscellaneous mechanics (practice, key)

Unit 5

Momentum and Energy
hw 23 Impulse and momentum
hw 24 Conservation of momentum
hw 25 Work
hw 26 Energy
hw 27 Conservation of energy
hw 28 Power
hw 29 Springs
quiz 15 Momentum (instructions, see hw 24 for answers)
quiz 16 Mechanics graphs (questions, rubric)
test 5 Momentum and energy (practice, key)

Unit 6

All of mechanics
hw 30 All of mechanics (canceled)
quiz 17 All of mechanics (canceled)
test 6 All of mechanics (canceled)